Resources for Teaching Function Blocks

The material of this book has been coined through several years of teaching IEC 61499 in academia and in direct industrial consulting. It also reflects relevant research works on advanced industrial automation. In particular, it has been used for teaching undergraduate classes of "Computer networks and distributed applications" and postgraduate class on "Advanced software engineering methodologies" at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Students of these courses provided very valuable comments and suggested numerous improvements.

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Slides (PDF)* Examples
  1. Quick start: Introduction to function blocks Slides FLASHER 
  2. Evolution of industrial automation technologies Slides  
  3. From automation to flexibility Slides  
  4. Intelligent automation challenges and horizons Slides  
  5. Basic concepts of IEC 61499 Slides  
  6. Function Block Development Kit Slides
  7. Basic function blocks Slides  
  8. Composite function blocks Slides
  9. Applications and sub-applications Slides  
  10. Models of devices and resources Slides  
  11. Distributed system configurations Slides  
  12. Service interface function blocks Slides  
  13. Example of a distributed control application Slides  
  14. User - interface function blocks Slides  
  15. Model-View-Control design pattern Slides  
  16. Automation Objects Slides Storage - Transfer
  17. New business models Slides  
Valeriy Vyatkin, BlockDesign, Copyright 2006, 2007
* slides in MS PowerPoint format are available upon request